Spizz by his real name Kenneth Spiers, at age 59 remains a hyper active member of the English Punk scene, Spizz attended the Arden Knowle School, near Solihull, a multi-purpose school in the West Midlands inspired by the movement Punk Rock nasant.


-How did your meeting with Rock and Punk culture come about?

Spizz: "I was in art school when punk spread to London, while I had explored the music of Bowie, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, Alice Cooper,

glam rock, etc ... I was attracted to punk and dadaism as part of my studies Surreal and Pop Art in college. The parallels with Andy Warhol and the superficial aspects of his work and the whole mix of readymades & trash with the Chaos du Dada (1). "


Spizz exposes paintings in London, records with Ian Paige (Secret Affair), makes a passage in as a bicycle messenger ("to keep fit"),

works for the post office and in tan t that independent caricaturist.

He successfully auditioned for the role of TV presenter, alongside Elvis's wife Mary Costello, on the new Westminster Cable TV / Spizz Spizz Spizz already played solo in 1977, his meeting with Pete Petrol,

(real name Pete O'Dowd), will mark the birth of a Punk / New Wave band that will be the first group to complete the new UK Indie Chart in early 1980 with their single "Where's Captain Kirk?"


Where is Captain Kirk? received the Single status of the Melody Maker music week and became No.1 in the official charts released on January 19, 1980. In addition to the 11 weeks No.1, the song remained in the top 30 Indie all year and was considered by BBC DJ John Peel as the best song associated with Star Trek in a special BBC show. The Star Trek series was created by Gene Roddenberry and performed by William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy. More than two decades after its release, the title was included in the Mojo magazine's list of the best Punk Rock singles of all time.

"Where's Captain Kirk?" recorded for a limited edition of 6,000 copies that they gave to their fan club as a Christmas present in 1992.-When and why did you start singing?


Spizz: "My older brothers listened to the radio, they bought records , I sang at home when I was alone ... I interpreted Jean Genie in my adolescence in front of my family at Christmas, Then, I went to concerts invariably, I would be pierced by the singer of more than a show, David Bowie's Starman definitely marked me but it was only when I saw The Clash in July 1977 t

hat I thought I could do it and a month later I did it. felt liberated and

able to express myself and try to merge the things I admired,

the art and energy of new emerging punk bands ".

- The most appreciated, singing or guitar?


Spizz: "Singing!"


When Lu Edmonds joined the line-up in 1981, the band changed its name to The Spizzles. The band released a CD called Spikey Dream Flowers,

which cemented the sound image of the band as sci-fi and two singles in 1982, this time under the name Spizzenergi 2, "Megacity 3" and "Jungle Fever". In 1982, the second wave of Punk Rock in the UK was over,

and post-punk bands took over from the indie music scene.

After the demise of Spizzenergi 2, Spizz made some solo projects like SpizzOrwell, The Last Future Show and played guitar for Heaven 17.


1990, he reformed Spizzenergi, 1991 birth of his daughter Molly Spiers-MacLeod became bassist and composer. Formerly in Crack Foxes under the name of Molly Energi. She and Cox also provided choruses for Wild Mutation, a group of Glam-era covers that Spizz himself directed.


Spizz: "My daughter played bass and sang and faced all the female bands , the most recent was CRACK FOXES. "


In parallel Spizz continued to appear live, thanks to Paul Hallam's encouragement and broadcast via Cherry Red Records. An exceptional release appeared on his own Hallam 442ok label. It was called "We're The England" and was his third World Cup song attempt in England (previously "E for England" for France 1998, and "On The Road To Yokohama" for 2002). Other songs related to Spizz football are "The Sun Never Sets on Aston Villa", which appears on the club's official CD, "Three Lions in The Sky". this is in addition to the Spizz Energi maxi-single released in May 2006, the earliest known record of "Where is Captain Kirk?",

from Spizz's own archive.From 2007, the Spizzenergi group performs at mini festivals in Milan, Bologna Italy and Leuven in Belgium In May 2009, they supported The New York Dolls at the 100 Club.


2012, an exclusive date in France,
after a long absence, Spizzenergi will share the stage with Tim Smith (Tv Smith / The Adverts), to celebrate the 10 years of Mondo Bizarro Club  (Rennes-Bretagne), support concerts produced by Fonzy Banana.


-What is your relationship with France? And why this long absence before you produced for a single date at Mondo bizarro ?

Spizz: "I do not" really "hunt for concerts etc. The name of the group is known and I'm not difficult to contact Facebook Twitter, instagram & I like to consider invitations and go where you want. "

-Any place or country where do you want to play?

Spizz: "Since 2009, I have not played in Italy as SPIZZENERGI but I have a friend in Milan with whom I have played as SPIZZITALIA, in Milan 5-6 times in more than 5 years but this project is finished so I would like
to come back with SPIZZENERGI. Germany is a good place for us Berlin, Essen, Augsburg and Düsseldorf
have been memorable nights


-What would you say to someone trying to understand Rock and Roll?

Spizz "Everyone has their own way of absorbing music.
worth, a wall of her all in one. Some dissect all parties. Someone understand that it can only be in the depth of the level they are willing to get involved with
. "


-After many years on stage, what makes a good session?

Spizz "I can feel it and you know for yourself when it's good or great but it's easier with experience. "

-What famous musician (s) have you learned the most?

Spizz: "David Bowie, Joe Strummer."

-Do you have other productions?

Spizz: "Well like us, me (and my group) do it all ourselves Booking, Flights Hotels, Rental equipment, merchandise, design, clothing, mannequins. Everything is a production! But with art, the only filter is me".

-Dj also?
Spizz: "It's something that I'm sometimes asked to do."


-You appreciate for a concert?

Spizz: "I like the halls of 200 to 1200 seats, depending on the type of group Indoor arena and events corporate I will not go. "

-Does the Brexit already have an influence on your life as a musician?

Spizz: "We still do not know how it will work and the uncertainty has caused a decline enthusiasm on the part of the bookers, so we simply do not know. "

-How do you hear Metal Music? Techno music?
Spizz: "Like any kind, there is bad or good and we can even love what is not the best or even if it's flawed. "


-What is your relationship with Venice and with Ice cream?

Spizz: "The Ice cream at the end of the evening and rather than having an extra beer before going to bed ... or if I have no more beer but I want something cold, especially after a hot bath or even during I'm in the bath!


98 For Venice many years ago, a musician friend told me that I would love Venice and he was right! 2010 A Venetian fan bought one of my paintings and I said rather than post it I would deliver it if I could sleep on the couch

for a weekend. He did better than that and he bought a few more paintings and we became friends, I visit him 2-3 times a year. Another friend here in London has organized 2 collective exhibitions for the Biennial 2015 & 2017 and I was part of both editions, I was present for openings. "

-What advice would you give to beginners?

Spizz: "Do you want to do something radical and original to reach a difficult path? want wealth, success and glamor, in this case take a manager, an agent, and copy all that is popular and put as something new ... "

SpizzFM every Friday from 11am to 12pm and

Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm on Resonance 104.4fm in Londonand online


viahttp: //player.resonancefm.comFri,


April 27 Prince Albert Brighton + WitchdoktorsSat, April 28 Portsmouth AllDayer Eastney Caravan ParkSat.

June 23 SPIZZENERGI 6th Annual Edition, Dublin Castle, Camden LondonSam July 21 SPIZZOIL 40th Anniversary with PETE PETROL Dublin Castle, Camden LondonSaturday, August 4th SPIZZENERGI Rebellion Festival Blackpool


SpizzFM every Friday from 11am to 12pm and Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm on Resonance 104.4fm in London
and online viahttp: //
Fri, April 27 Prince Albert Brighton + Witchdoktors
Sat, April 28 Portsmouth AllDayer Eastney Caravan Park
Sat. June 23 SPIZZENERGI 6th Annual Edition, Dublin Castle, Camden London
Sam July 21 SPIZZOIL 40th Anniversary with PETE PETROL Dublin Castle, Camden London
Saturday, August 4th SPIZZENERGI Rebellion Festival Blackpool

* Dadaism was an artistic movement of the European avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century. Developed in response to the First World War. The Dada movement consisted of artists who rejected the logic, the reason and the aesthetics of modern capitalist society, expressing the contrary
nonsense, irrationality and anti-bourgeois protest. Dadaist artists expressed their dissatisfaction with violence, war and nationalism and maintained affinities policies with the radical left.