Julia Robin

Naked Songs

«Naked Songs is a solo of songs and contrabass.

I lay bare the poetry of Joni Mitchell, this genius of the folk song, road companion Crosby and Nash, Leonard Cohen or James Taylor.
I accompany it with a bass line, or sound material, with no other effect than those of the bass.

From an improvisation is born a song, which leads to another song, or to another improvisation, and the concert is built as and when.

More than just covers, I welcome these compositions in my universe, for a unique, poetic and personal moment, where I meet through Joni Mitchell, where Joni Mitchell is (re) discovered through me, Julia Robin.

"improvisation" of this solo, while live, it holds a fundamental place.

In Native Americans, the singer is the one who heals by seeking to restore the harmony in who lost it. Joni Mitchell is one of those healers.

In the early days of her career, well before meetings with Mingus or Pastorius, she sang her life, her loves, her desires, her observations, in the most poetic way possible, by touching a semblance of universal.

In this program, the songs are borrowed from the first albums of the tall blonde of the meadows, those that already contain everything, and yet are quite unknown. From this material made of incredible melodies on simple and refined harmonies, and of quasi-literary texts, I try to shape a very personal object, where the contrabass with the beautiful part, as well in its noble function of accompaniment as in these moments when I let her improvise.»

Naked Songs - Love Songs
This very first program is the one by which I started to sing while playing the double bass. So there are all my standards, from English pop, French song, or even traditional music. Bowie meets Bashung, Barbara meets Tom Waits, the Demoiselles de Rochefort share the stage with Paul Simon. A link unites these songs: they all speak of love. Missed love, nascent love, declaration of rupture, an ode to beauty ... But more than a patchwork, putting them face to face allows me to tell other stories ...

«Since 2012, music is my job.
My instrument and my training allow me some versatility.

So, I play very regularly in symphonic orchestra

(Orchestra Symphonists of Aquitaine, National Orchestra Bordeaux Aquitaine in addition, many studio recording sessions for Cristal Production) but also in orchestras where improvisation is an integral part of the composition
(Icare, ensemble directed by Dominique Pifarély on his music, from 2012 to 2015, the ensemble UN, orchestra of improvisers under the impulse of David Chiesa, since 2017, numerous occasional meetings with improvising musicians).

I also develop much more personal things
where improvisation holds its place, but where I also express my passion for melody, especially in a solo»

Chelsea Hotel # 2. (Leonard Cohen)
A memory of a love night between Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin, in a hotel in New York

Delphine's song in Lancien (Demy-Legrand, in the Demoiselles de Rochefort)
Delphine fucks Lancien, a dark art dealer in Rochefort. In this song, she leaves him, and she does well: he is more interested in money

Breton traditional song Arrangement: Listen-That Honey!
Julia Robin: double bass, vocals, Elise Kusmeruck: violin, vocals

Director / mixer: Julien Poulain - Chief Operator: Arnaud Gaudelle
Sound recording: Thibaut Dufait - Costumes: Sabine Solin

A production The Paste To Movies